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Pegasus Semi-Power Standing Wheelchair

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Pegasus allows you to easily practice stand-up or sit down by power control function and roll manually. Frequently stand up can greatly improve the user’s health. Suitable for any wheelchair user with weak hands or finger strength. This is the 2nd version of our Pegasus with improved structure and features. Great to serve as a physiotherapy equipment for home, hospital or rehab center. The up/down position can be controlled by a small controller at the tip of armrest.

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  • - Pegasus has a similar function as Leo but with the power stand/sit function
  • - Never give up the exercise and stand as much as possible during the day
  • - You can control Up/Down movement with your own pace by a small controller at the tip of the armrest
  • - The reliable actuator smoothly moves you from the seated position to stand up straight at your own pace
  • - It is suitable for paraplegia and hemiplegia users with weak arms hand & fingers
  • - (Should you want to move in standing position kindly look into Phoenix and Draco)
  • - Practise stand up and sit down frequently and stand as long as possible for maximum health benefits
  • - Great to serve as a physiotherapy equipment for home hospital or rehab center
  • - Quick-release front and rear wheels with foldable backrest for easier transport
  • - Then it can fit in a normal car trunk
  • - Total weight from 32kg even and can reduce to 27kg after detached 4 wheels by quick-release function
  • - Uses only high-grade aircraft quality aluminum alloy to ensure lightweight durability and safety standards
  • - Adjustable seat depth & footrest height to suit users with different height and leg length
  • - Available in 14″ 16″ 18″ seat width with multiple adjustable parts to suit different body sizes
  • - Comes with different types of straps for knee calve chest and safety belt (Optional safety features like thigh strap ankle strap H-shape harness are available too)