Go-Go Elite Traveller

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One of Pride® Mobility’s first mobility scooters to the ‘Travel Mobility range’, the Go-Go Elite Traveller®’s compact design allows it to manoeuver easily within tight spaces while providing stable outdoor performance. The Go-Go Elite Traveller®’s unique design enables it to have a quick and simple Feather-touch disassembly.

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  • - Weight Capacity:21 Stone 6lbs (136 kg)
  • - Maximum Speed:4 mph (6 km/h)
  • - Seating:Foldable compact vinyl-covered molded plastic
  • - Feather-Touch Disassembly:Simple frame separation with only one hand easily disassembles into five super-lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage
  • - Interchangeable Shrouds:Includes sets of easily changeable coloured panels
  • - Comfortable Seating:Foldable compact black vinyl swivel seat